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Lunesta is a game where you purchase gladiators. The idea is you don't have enough coin to buy all three playable characters, so you pick one, and purchase more later when you can afford it.

The characters are composite layers of body parts programmed to animate based on states. The animations are programmed with rotation and displacement.

The controls are simple - Spacebar is attack, any Shift is block, left and right are movement.

When you commit to an attack, the game teleports you back to the origin or your base. At this stage you can attack a target. Once I develop the first NPC the player will have to strategically battle for the center of the board to earn coin bonus as the roudns progress, and defeat the opponent in combat before the time runs out. A match which goes beyond the time limit results in a pass fail with the GM which will be based on how well you kept the center out of the NPC control. I will try an adaptation with controllers for 2 player local.

During the Tutorial you may hit Enter anytime to advance its dialogue, there is no pass/fail logic on the tutorial at this point in time.

Press L to disable shades on lower end devices and you will have better performance in combat. Press during combat.

UPDATE:7/23/2019 Small bug fixes and graphical update to weapon of Rundger. Some tweaks to Rundger ai and states

UPDATE:7/22/2019 - Lots of hours were spent on this update.
Title scene to select to load.
You may select a character upon new game and view their stats before committing to their purchase
Do not expect the save files to be compatible with future updates.
You may create a profile upon new game
Graphics updated and reflect three new characters and armors and weapons
Menus now have instructions for controls

UPDATE: 7/10/2019 - I spent time correcting the animations of the NPC, added an intro to the NPC with dialogue (not skip able). I've created a small database for armors and threw in the Murmillo armors. I've tweaked the battle formulas to reflect something a bit easier for game play sake, however there are still issues with the npc formulas not scaling properly. I've introduced a MARKOV chain to the NPC and he will behave accordingly to the player: Aggressive and Withheld. I've added a critical hit chance for the combat system that uses a custom random function, well ok 4 functions. The game will now end when the player has 0 health. The target no longer gives an error when progressing the tutorial beyond what is  written. I've corrected the alignment issues with the y axis for the player and npc sprites.

Update: 6/24/2019 - I've written a small tutorial, and added an NPC which will spawn at completion of tutorial. Fixed alignment issues in Player walk cycle with legs in one phase. FIxed collissions for weapons, however is still funky.


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